Lake Superior, Lake Superior Provincial Park & Algoma



Brule Harbour


The first time I visited Brule Harbour (2005) was on a kayaking trip from the Michipicoten River to Agawa Bay.  We stopped there on our second day of paddling for our last break before arriving at that day’s destination, Old Woman Bay.


There are five campsites in the Harbour.  We parked at the largest, and Western most campsite in Brule for our rest.   The things I remember are that the rocks underfoot had character and reminded me of wrinkled skin, or old tree bark – dictating; experience, age and wisdom. 





Old Woman Bay


 Old Woman Bay.  We stayed at the campsite here, for one night, on a kayaking trip from Michipicoten Bay to Agawa Bay.  The view I chose for this painting is from sitting on the beach at sunrise with the Old Woman River in the foreground winding out to Lake Superior.


After a stop at Brule Harbour, just North of Old Woman Bay it was only a short paddle to finish that day's distance.  The campsite is very private, separated from the public beach area by the winding Old Woman River.




Devil's Chair Rock


Devil's Chair Rock  is one of the most prominent rock formations in Lake Superior Provincial Park.  This painting was Inspired by a romantic sunset paddle from Warp Bay to Devil's Chair Rock on a clear, calm, warm, summer night.


We set out on a calm clear night from Warp Bay to watch the sunset at Devil's Chair Rock.  As the sun began to approach the horizon, it seemed to set the back of the rock aglow turning a brilliant orange.