Lake Superior, Lake Superior Provincial Park & Algoma



Bathtub Rock


 NEW.  The latest in the Lake Superior Park Series.  Bathtub Rock.  A popular summer destination for many travellers and locals ..... giclee fine art prints available soon.


Auroral Mist


My first memories of the night sky and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are from my childhood and the feelings of excitement and wonder that I felt back then return each time the opportunity presents itself to view these natural attractions.


A bright glow, spotlights and surreal painted colours in the Northern sky … whether you call them Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, dawn of the north, or dancing spirits; there is no doubt that this natural occurrence is one of the most binding and incredible experiences to connect you with nature.


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One of the most well know Pictographs in Canada at Agawa Rock on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

originals & prints available